Trigger Point Injection

Stress and excessive use of muscles, most often, cause pain in some parts of our body. These pains are caused by problems in the sensitive muscle nodes. The areas called “trigger points” that cause pain in the muscle group where they are located play a role in the emergence of these pains. These pains, which adversely affect daily life unless treated; it can cause deterioration of sleep quality, stress and restriction of physical movements. Thanks to the injection process applied to the trigger point areas in certain parts of the body, it is possible to get results easily and quickly in pain treatment.

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What is Trigger Point Injection?

Sensitive areas in certain parts of our body that can cause pain are called “trigger points”. Trigger points are areas of knots located in the muscles. These points can become sensitive due to some reasons and create pain in such cases. These pains occur in the muscle group where the trigger point is located and cause tenderness in that area.

Trigger Point Injection is Applied to Which Areas?

Trigger points are located in the head, neck, shoulders, elbows, back, waist, hips and knee areas of the body. These points, depending on the location of the muscle groups where they are located, cause pain to be felt in those areas. The pains that are called “kulunç” among the people are actually pain problems caused by trigger points.

Trigger point injection is an injection application to trigger points that cause pain. In this method, the location of the trigger point is determined and the source of the pain is determined. Thanks to the injection process made to this designated point, the muscle area where the pain occurs is relieved. Trigger point injection is aimed at reducing pain.

How is Trigger Point Injection Applied?

In order for this treatment method to be applied, the trigger point must first be determined correctly. The trigger point causing muscle pain is determined and the skin above the detected area is cleaned. Then, a local anesthetic drug substance is injected into this area with the help of a thin syringe. A slight pain may be felt during the application of anesthesia. Trigger point treatment by injection is a procedure with very fast results. When the injection process is completed, the pain also begins to subside. In order for this application to be effective on pain, it is important that the trigger point is correctly detected and that the injector reaches the trigger point correctly.

What Should Be Considered Before Trigger Injection?

The injection method can also be carried out in the form of dry injection. The effect of trigger point injection may vary according to the person. For this reason, it may be necessary to repeat the injection process, depending on the state of the pain.

4 hours before the time of application, eating and drinking should be stopped. The person to be treated should inform his doctor about his chronic diseases and the drugs he uses, if any. After a short rest after the injection procedure, it is possible for the person who has been injected to return to his daily life.

In Which Cases Is Trigger Point Injection Applied?

Trigger points; muscle overuse can become sensitive due to stress, exercise, muscle damage, accidents and nerve damage. Apart from these, some diseases and syndromes can also cause trigger point pain. Fibromyalgia; It is a nerve-muscle disease in which trigger point injection is most often used. The injection method can be used to relieve pain caused by trigger points or to treat other problems that occur in the muscle-nervous system.

  • Headaches, which often start with stress and tension and are called “tension type”
  • Myofascial pain syndrome, which usually leads to pain in the neck area and can occur due to reasons such as muscle injuries, repetitive movements of the muscle and posture disorders
  • Fibromyalgia disease, which can cause pain in different parts of the body
  • Nerve compressions
  • Muscle aches caused by excessive movement of the muscles or heavy working conditions

Ankara trigger point injection is one of the most commonly used methods in the treatment of pain. With this method, an injection is made to the area of the muscle node, which causes pain to be felt. In this way, it is ensured that the muscles relax and the pain is reduced. The injection may need to be repeated for best results. The frequency and duration of application may vary from person to person.

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