Pain Treatment

Pain is a complaint that can occur due to various reasons and seriously reduces the quality of life. Identifying pain is the first step in treatment. Therefore, the complaint of pain that causes discomfort to the person should be handled with appropriate treatment methods. For those you want to consult about Ankara pain treatment, you can contact our clinic in Ankara and make an appointment with Specialist Dr. Nural Aydın.

What is Pain?

Pain is a condition that can occur in any part of the body, caused by different causes and causes discomfort to the person. In the definition of pain, the cause of the appearance of pain and the duration of its continuity are taken as basis.

What Are the Types of Pain?

Pain in the body can occur due to different causes. Pain is examined in two groups depending on the duration and source of its continuation. These are “acute pain” and “chronic pain.”

Acute Pain

Tissue damage causes pain directly in the area where it occurs. Or it can show its effect in different areas and cause pain in many parts of the body. This condition is defined as acute pain. Two factors that are important in the definition of acute pain are; the duration and source of pain. Acute pain can be a symptom of a disease. Acute pain, which is also a stimulant, may indicate that a problem has occurred in the body and that treatment is needed. Pain can be defined as “acute pain” if it causes complaints only for a short time and is caused by a pathological cause.

Chronic Pain

Pain may occur with tissue damage, injury or illness. But if the pain persists despite the disappearance of these pathological conditions, it can be defined as chronic pain. Chronic pain is not a harbinger of a disease, but the problem itself. To identify a pain as chronic, the pain must persist for at least 3-6 months. Chronic pain affects a person’s entire life. It can restrict daily activities and make the patient feel powerless. Pain that does not go away can also cause the person to take a depressed mood.

What Causes Pain?

Pain can be considered a harbinger of a condition that is not going well in different parts of the body. The condition that causes pain can be physical or psychological. Meaning of pain; It may vary according to the duration of the pain, the cause and the complaints it creates in the patient.

Acute pains usually mean that there is a tissue damage in the body. In this case, the pain may indicate a problem that needs to be investigated and treated. In case of acute pain, the patient should be examined and the condition causing the pain should be identified. In this case, the appropriate method of treatment is applied, aimed at eliminating pain.

What chronic pain means needs a slightly more complicated explanation. Chronic pain is a problem in itself. What needs to be treated in this case is the pain itself, rather than an underlying disease. Chronic pain generally presents in the following ways:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Facial pains called neuralgia
  • Pain in the joints
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Pain due to vascular occlusion
  • Cancer pains
  • Pain caused by nerve injuries or nerve inflammation

All these pains that the patient faces are situations that cause discomfort to the person. For this reason, the source and type of pain is determined by examination and diagnostic methods. Then, it is aimed to relieve the patient by applying the appropriate treatment method.

How is Pain Treated?

The first solution that comes to mind in the treatment of pain is pain medications. When the right painkillers are used, most of the pain disappears. The drug of choice; It should be determined according to the patient’s age, complaints and other diseases, if any.

However, medications may not be enough to treat every pain. In cases where the drug is insufficient in the treatment of pain, physical therapy is preferred. In physical therapy and rehabilitation and pain treatment, hot and cold applications give very effective results. Apart from this, special exercises and the vacuum method can be used to strengthen the aching area.

The physical therapy process is the practice of increasing the flexibility of the muscles and the movement capacity of the joints damaged for various reasons. Considering the age of the person, the type and severity of the pain, different physical therapy approaches can be used. For this reason, physical therapy should be planned by specialist doctors. When the right treatment process is planned, the person can return to his daily life in a short time and the possibility of recurrence of pain is significantly reduced.

Ankara Pain Treatment Prices

Pain management may require a multifaceted approach to achieve the most effective results. Headaches caused by insomnia, fatigue, etc. often pass in a short time. Therefore, the use of pain medications is sufficient. However, in the treatment of pain due to other joint injuries such as fractures, dislocations, etc., it is absolutely necessary to get support from the physical therapy process. The rehabilitation process, which is planned in accordance with the characteristics of the painful area and the physical structure of the person under the guidance of a specialist, has a very important role in the treatment of pain. If you want to get more information about rehabilitation and pain treatment, you can contact our clinic in Ankara.