Rehabilitation After Knee Prosthesis

Knee prosthesis; It is an apparatus used in the treatment of serious damage to the knee, relieving pain and increasing the movement capacity of the knee. It is mostly preferred in our patients between the ages of 65 and 84. The knee prosthesis is applied by surgical operation. After insertion, physical therapy process is required to settle the tissues and relieve the movement of the knee. With the rehabilitation process after knee prosthesis, the quality of life of the patients is increased and the knee is moved at ideal angles.

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What is Knee Prosthesis?

Prosthesis is often the last preferred treatment method in the treatment of damage to the knee cartilages. This is because the prosthesis is an irreversible, permanent treatment. However, the most effective solution after accidents or age-related movement limitations is knee prosthesis.

After the prosthesis is inserted, the patient must undergo physical therapy in order to get used to this new process. Rehabilitation is one of the things that should be done after knee prosthesis. At the end of this process, the prosthesis fully adapts to the tissues and the pain felt due to knee damage is significantly reduced.

What is the Purpose of Rehabilitation After Knee Prosthesis?

After the knee prosthesis is inserted, there is a stage where the patient must get used to this new process. After surgery, many patients involuntarily bend the knee. Therefore, despite the prosthesis fitting, the movement capacity is limited. If the knee is not strengthened, this situation continues and is inconvenient for the health of the person. After surgery, if rehabilitation is not carried out in the early period, walking problems may occur.

Thanks to the rehabilitation after knee prosthesis;

  • It is ensured that the knee joint moves at the angles considered normal.
  • The muscles around the knee are strengthened.
  • Undesirable conditions such as muscle weakness, edema and embolism that may occur after surgery are prevented.
  • Thanks to the prosthesis, the person is allowed to move independently and perform the normal functions of the knee in a healthy way.
  • Joint limitations are resolved and tissues are softened.
  • Physical therapy rehabilitation applications after knee prosthesis seriously affect the results of surgery. If the rehabilitation process is planned correctly, the success rate of the surgery increases.

How is Rehabilitation Done After Knee Prosthesis?

After knee replacement surgery, the necessary protocols are applied for the patient to overcome the effect of narcosis. Bandage applications, breathing and foot pumping exercises are performed.

After surgery, as soon as the patient begins to recover, the rehabilitation process begins.

Within 1 – 3 days after surgery; foot pumping exercises, flat leg lifting exercise and ice applications are performed. According to the contents of the prosthesis, walking and load transfer exercises can be performed with the help of weight.

Within 4 – 10 days after surgery; strengthening of the muscles of the legs and hips is provided. Exercises performed within 1 – 3 days after surgery are continued.

Between 2 and 6 weeks after surgery; Sideways staircase climbing and move exercises are performed. On the one hand, the previous exercise program continues. In this process, how the patient responds to the treatment is also important. For this reason, the treatment process should be planned specifically according to the age and physical condition of the person.

Between 7 and 12 weeks after surgery; return exercises to functional activities such as squatting and progressive walking.

Between 14 and 26 weeks after surgery; more active exercises such as swimming, cycling are started.

Rehabilitation After Ankara Knee Prosthesis

In rehabilitation procedures after knee replacement surgery, the patient’s knee bending angle is regularly checked. The rehabilitation process is long-term and this period may vary from person to person. That is why the entire course of treatment must be followed step by step, by a specialist doctor. Rehabilitation treatment after Ankara knee prosthesis is performed by physical therapists. With a process carried out by an experienced physical therapist, the person can continue his life in a healthy way after the prosthesis.

You can contact the clinic of Specialist Dr. Nural Aydın for rehabilitation after Ankara knee prosthesis.