Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a type of therapy that is done manually, without the use of any physical therapy device. It is often preferred in the treatment of muscle spasm, muscle tension and dysfunctions in the joints because it gives successful results in a very short time. Manual therapy Ankara gives effective results in a single session for mild to severe muscle and joint problems. However, sessions may need to continue in the treatment of progressive muscle and joint diseases.

Manual therapy is an application that must be performed by experienced physical therapists. You can contact our clinic to get more information about Ankara manual therapy prices; You can make an appointment with Dr. Nural Aydın.

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is a physical therapy method that has its origins dating back centuries, applying pressure to the tissues in muscles and joints. Many muscle-joint problems, from muscle and tissue pain due to immobility to tennis elbow, can be eliminated with manual therapy. It is also an effective procedure in relieving chronic pain. Thus, it is possible to prevent pain with a natural treatment method without the need for surgical intervention. With this feature, it makes the physical therapy process more comfortable in elderly individuals.

What are Manual Therapy Ankara Techniques?

In manual therapy, different therapy methods can be applied according to the region of pain. Manual therapy of herniated disc and manual therapy applications to the posture disorder and joint area are different. Therefore, a specialist doctor should be consulted to end the therapy without pushing the physiological limits of the person and without damaging the tissues. If we list the commonly used manual therapy methods;

Soft Tissue Mobilization: It is aimed at relaxing the joint and the muscles around the joint. It is especially effective in the treatment of myofascial adhesions. By activating the fluids in the tissues, it is aimed to reduce the tension of the muscles.

Stretching: It is a method of manual therapy that is mostly preferred in the back area. It is frequently used in the treatment of postural problems and abnormal neuromuscular problems. With the stretching method, an asymptomatic tension is created in the application area. Thus, it is ensured that the muscles reach the normal level of tension and the healing process is accelerated.

Joint Mobilization: Joint mobilization is an effective manual therapy method, especially in the treatment of pain that cannot be relieved despite rest and cold compresses.

Manual methods of therapy:

  • Terapatik massage
  • Myofacial relaxation
  • Nerve mobilization
  • Postisometric relaxation
  • Traksiyon

It can be listed as gliding and exercise.

How is Manual Therapy Done?

Massage applications to be performed in manual therapy should be performed within the physiological limits of the patient. Otherwise, new tissue damage may occur due to the application. When performing manual therapy;

  • First of all, according to the type of ailment of the patient, the method of therapy to be applied is selected.
  • If there are fractures, dislocations, etc. in the area to be massaged, these should also be taken into consideration in the method to be chosen.
  • The room temperature and environmental conditions to be applied manual therapy should be arranged in such a way that the patient is comfortable.

It is important that the patient is in the correct position so that the exercises performed in manual therapy can be localized. The ideal position is the resting position, in which the joints are the loosest. However, if the patient cannot be in a resting position due to discomfort, different positions where he feels comfortable may be preferred.

What Are the Benefits of Manual Therapy?

  • Manual therapy has a very important and valuable place among physical therapy and rehabilitation applications. Advantages:
  • Treatment and recovery time is quite short compared to other techniques
  • Obtaining effective results even in a single session, especially in mild and moderate tissue injuries
  • Since it is a manual physical therapy method, it relieves the patient
  • The absence of any side effects, which will affect the general state of health of the patient

What Diseases Are Treated with Manual Therapy?

  • Joint diseases
  • Waist shift
  • Muscle tearing
  • Dull shoulder disease
  • Problems in the elbows and wrists
  • Hip dislocation
  • Rehabilitation after prosthesis
  • Heel spur
  • Lumbar and cervical hernia can be treated with manual therapy.

Ankara Manual Therapy

We can say that manual therapy is a fast, safe and highly effective application. For this reason, it is often preferred in physical therapy and rehabilitation processes. However, manual therapy must necessarily be carried out by specialists. Which tissues to apply pressure, the severity of the pressure and the technique of application can only be determined by physicians specialized in human anatomy. You can call our Ankara manual therapy center to get more information about Ankara manual therapy prices and its applications, you can make an appointment.