Nural Aydın MD Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Nural Aydın MD

Nural AYDIN was born in 1976 in Trabzon. She studied at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine between 1994-2000. She started Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialization in Ankara Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Training and Research Hospital in 2000 and received the title of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist in 2004.

During the 4 years that spent at Ankara Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Training and Research Hospital, she mainly interested in musculoskelatal diseases, neurological rehabilitation, Cerebral Palsy Units and interventional procedures. Practicing as a specialist at Sivas İzzettin Keykavus State Hospital for a short period of time in 2004, Dr Aydin worked at Ankara Guven Hospital between 2004-2014. During this time, she attended various courses and trainings and focused on Orthopedic Rehabilitation.

She worked at Ankara Acıbadem Hospital between 2014-2022. During this time, she had a chance to practice with Spine Team. In 2019, she was awarded the EUMS Board Certificate. In January 2020, she opened the doors of her Private Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic. Since January 2022 she has been serving only in her private clinic with her team. She is married and mother of two daughter. She can speak English fluently. Read more…

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