Fracture Rehabilitation

Fracture; it is an anatomical problem caused by the separation of bones by exposure to excessive force. Broken bones lose their anatomical integrity. Therefore, in the treatment process, it is aimed to gain the old, healthy structure of the bone. At the same time, thanks to fracture rehabilitation, it is aimed to strengthen the immobile tissues and support the region.

The first stage in the treatment of fractures; healing of the area and fusion of bones. But in this process, due to immobility, the joints become stiff and problems such as muscle wasting may arise. Physical therapy is used to eliminate this risk and to preserve the physical function of the fractured area. You can find more information about fracture rehabilitation in the continuation of our article.

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How is Fracture Treatment Done?

We can think of fracture treatment as a two-stage treatment. The first stage is completed by orthopedists. A fracture can be diagnosed with the physical evaluation of the orthopedist and the results of x-rays. For treatment, the fractured area is expected to remain motionless for a while and the bones to regain their healthy anatomical structure. We can examine this process as three phases.

Inflammatory phase: It takes about 1 – 2 weeks. After a while in the fractured area, inflammation begins to develop. That is, the bones begin to repair themselves and the dead tissues begin to be cleaned.

Reperceptive phase: This phase can also be called the repairing phase. Because in this process, soft tissues turn into hard tissues.

Remodelling phase: In the process of remodelling, the stable state in the fracture line increases. However, it may even take years for the tissues to become obsolete.

Why is rehabilitation done after a fracture?

Until the fracture heals, it is preferable to keep the area motionless. For this, plaster, splint, etc. can be helped by materials. Prolonged immobility of tissues can adversely affect the flexibility and movement of muscles. After the fracture is healed, it is necessary to gradually put a load on the bones. In order for a person to be able to do the routines he does in his daily life without any problems, it is necessary to do the right exercises and treat the muscles. Therefore, help is obtained from fracture rehabilitation.

What is the Purpose of Fracture Rehabilitation?

The purpose of fracture rehabilitation is:

  • Inhibition of scar, atrophy and contracture formation
  • Prevention of adhesion formation between tissues
  • Preservation of the structure of tendons and the length of muscle fibers
  • It is the preservation of the movement capacity and function of the joint structure, which is adversely affected by immobility.

In order to get the best results from fracture rehabilitation, after orthopedic treatment is completed, it is necessary to start physical therapy as soon as possible. Otherwise, atrophy may occur, and movements may be painful. This can make the deformation in the joint areas of the person permanent.

How is Fracture Rehabilitation Done?

Today’s modern treatment techniques have of course also influenced the field of physical therapy. Thanks to the developing technological facilities, the methods used in fracture rehabilitation have also developed. However, if we talk about the most basic practices in fracture rehabilitation;

Heat application: These are the applications made to soften the tissues and reduce pain and spasm. Hot pack, paraffin etc. can be made by methods. At this point, the most effective option is determined by physical therapists.

Electrotherapy: The most commonly known electrotherapy method is “TENS”.

Exercise: These are physical therapy applications performed with isometric, isotonic and isokinetic exercises. When these exercises are performed in a controlled manner by a specialist doctor, they help the patient recover in a short time. It may also be advisable to do some exercises at home to support the person’s treatment process.

Ankara Fracture Rehabilitation

Ankara fracture rehabilitation; It is a professionally planned application that should be performed with physical therapists. Therefore, recovering fracture cases should be referred directly to a physical therapist. The treatment process of fractures in different regions is also different. For this reason, the exercise and physical therapy application that every patient needs is different. Considering these differences, physical therapists can prepare the most appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

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