Breast Prosthesis Rehabilitation

Ankara breast prosthesis rehabilitation is a physical therapy application that aims to reduce the pain and edema that occurs after breast prosthesis surgeries.

The chest area is one of the aesthetic criteria for many women. The harmony of the chest area with the shoulders and buttocks is one of the basic conditions for a proportional and aesthetic appearance for many people. Many women who prefer breast prosthesis for this purpose need rehabilitation support to reduce pain and edema in the postoperative period. Especially in our patients where the prosthesis is placed under the muscle, physical therapy may be required to relieve arm movements and reduce back pain.

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What is Breast Prosthesis?

Breast prosthesis is an aesthetic application made to correct the shape of the breasts and to eliminate the defects in the breast area. Especially women with small breasts may prefer breast prosthesis to make their breasts look fuller and more attractive.

Silicone materials are mostly used in breast prosthesis. The structure, type and size of the prosthesis to be used are determined according to the structure of the woman. For this reason, in breast prosthesis surgeries, we can say that the process is special for each woman. For this reason, the pain felt after surgery and the postoperative recovery process vary from person to person. Some of our patients can return to daily life in a short time. In some people, limitation in arm movements, pain and edema may occur. In this case, with the help of physical therapy, the hardened tissues after the operation can be softened, and this process can be overcome more easily.

What are the Complaints Encountered After Breast Prosthesis?

The materials used in breast prosthesis are approved by the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, the side effects of silicone materials are quite few. However, depending on the method of surgery and the type of silicone, more pain or edema may occur.

The most common complaints we encounter after breast prosthesis surgeries are pain and edema. As the tissues begin to heal, pain and edema also decrease. Many patients can return to their daily lives in about 1 week. However, in some people, especially if the application is made under the muscle, this process may be longer and more challenging. There may be limitation in arm movements, arm and back pain. In order to reduce these complaints, rehabilitation can be done after breast prosthesis.

What is the Purpose of Breast Prosthesis Rehabilitation?

The aim of Ankara breast prosthesis rehabilitation is; to ensure that the person returns to daily life in a short time. After breast prostheses placed under the muscle, the pain may continue for 1 week. For 4 days after surgery, the feeling of edema and tension in the breast is quite high. After the 2nd week, light brisk walks can be done. The breasts should be massaged regularly until the breast tissue is fully healed. In order to reduce the effect of postoperative inactivity, the arm movements of the patients should be kept active and the patient should be tried to be adapted to daily life with the necessary exercises.

Ankara Breast Prosthesis Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation procedures performed after prosthetic surgeries; allows the limbs to return to normal in a short time and increase the range of motion. It also helps relieve pain and edema. Thus, the person can have a comfortable healing process. At this point, it is important to consult an experienced physical therapist and learn the appropriate treatment process for the patient.

The physical therapy process is also very important in breast prosthesis. After the patient overcomes the effect of anesthesia, the muscles need to be moved again. Breast tissues should be massaged correctly and the best results should be obtained from the surgery. Thanks to breast prosthesis rehabilitation, the patient can safely complete the healing process and return to daily life in a healthy way in a short time.

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