Tennis Elbow Treatment

The condition known as tennis elbow is “lateral epicodilitis” in medical parlance. It is a disorder that occurs as a result of injury to the lateral epicondyle region located in the outer part of the elbow. This situation often occurs in people who are engaged in tennis. However, tennis elbow can also be seen in people who actively use the elbow joints.

The most effective method in the treatment process of tennis elbow is physical therapy applications. As long as the damage is mild or moderate, physical therapy applications alone may be sufficient. You can read the rest of our article to get more detailed information about tennis elbow treatment. For the physical therapy methods used in the treatment of tennis elbow, you can contact the clinic of Specialist Dr. Nural Aydın in Ankara.

What Is Tennis Elbow?

Lateral epicondylitis is a common discomfort in tennis players due to the use of hands and elbows while playing tennis. For this reason, it has been called “tennis elbow” in time. However, in carpentry, installation, dyeing, etc., there is a high probability of tennis elbow formation in jobs based on body strength.

It occurs due to damage to the area where the muscles that move the tennis elbow, fingers and wrist adhere to the bones. With the constant use of the hands and wrists in activities that require effort, the symptoms of tennis elbow increase. It is a disorder that is often characterized by pain and limitation of movement. Early diagnosis is very important so that symptoms do not increase.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

The biggest factor in the appearance of tennis elbow; repetition of hand and wrist movements and continuous use of these joints. The movement of the hands and wrists also affects the muscles in the elbow area, causing damage in this area. It manifests itself as worn tissues, edema and inflammation. If the muscles and joints are moved again without treatment, the problem of vascularization may also occur in the region. As a result of the decrease in oxygen in the tissues, limitation of movement may occur in the region and the limbs may partially lose their function.

How is tennis elbow diagnosed?

Symptoms of tennis elbow are quite characteristic. Therefore, the diagnosis process is easy. After listening to the patient’s history, the necessary physical examination is performed. More detailed information is obtained about the patient’s interest in sports, profession and activities of daily living. Imaging methods such as MRI and x-ray can also be used to confirm the diagnosis.

What Are the Symptoms of Tennis Elbow?

The pain felt in the bone protrusion on the outside of the elbow and spreading to the forearm is the most obvious sign of tennis elbow disease. These pains usually increase when lifting heavy objects such as teapots, jugs. Limitation occurs in the hand and wrist movements of the patients. There may also be weakness following the pain. Pain; it can be triggered by a compulsive, sudden movement. Or after a prolonged movement, it can also begin 1-3 days after the movement. If the use of muscles continues, the severity of pain will continue to increase. With the progression of the disease, even very simple physical actions, such as shaking hands, can become very painful. Along with the feeling of pain, getting medical help and stopping the progression of the disease is very important for tennis elbow disease.

The pain felt in tennis elbow discomfort can be quite severe. For this reason, first of all, treatment can be started with pain medication to relieve the patient’s pain. Bandaging is the primary treatment method in early stage patients. However, effective results are not obtained with bandage treatment in moderate and severe injuries. At this point, the most ideal treatment that gives the best results is physical therapy and rehabilitation. In the process of physical therapy; It is aimed to increase mobility in the hand, wrist and elbow area. Thanks to the exercises that focus on this area, it is aimed that the person can perform his daily actions alone. In patients who do not relax with physical therapy, various injections may also be considered during the treatment period.

Tennis elbow can be quite risky, especially for tennis athletes. After muscle and joint injuries, when the right treatment plan is not made, the sports career can be seriously affected. For this reason, the patient must undergo physical therapy and be able to adapt to the pace of the workouts again.

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