Rehabilitation After Shoulder Prosthesis

Ankara shoulder prosthesis; It is a procedure performed to regain the functions of the joints and reduce pain in cases where the shoulder is severely damaged. After shoulder prosthesis, the physical therapy process is very important for the joints to become stronger again and to increase the movement capacity. Prosthetic treatments are mostly preferred in later ages, when medication and other treatment methods are ineffective. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the worn tissues and plan the rehabilitation process correctly so that the prosthesis can be correctly located in the joints.

Rehabilitation procedures after shoulder replacement include some special exercises that strengthen weakened muscles. The determination of these exercises under the control of a specialist, according to the age and physical condition of the patient, seriously increases the success of the operation.

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What is Shoulder Prosthesis?

The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in our body. On a healthy shoulder; in the socket between the shoulder joint, shovel and collarbones, it moves smoothly. Thanks to the slippery and soft layer (cartilage) located at the end of the bone, this movement occurs painlessly. Thus, the person can move his arm comfortably.

When there is an injury in the shoulder area, the tissues harden. The movement of the shoulder inside its slot becomes difficult. Because of this, pains appear. Even patients with advanced shoulder damage may become unable to move their shoulder. In shoulder injuries that do not pass despite medication and physical therapy and cause limitation of movement, the most effective solution is shoulder prosthesis. Shoulder prosthesis, which is a treatment method that we usually prefer in our patients aged 65 and over, replaces the joints in the shoulder and increases the movement capacity.

Which Diseases Are Used in the Treatment of Shoulder Prosthesis?

Shoulder replacement can be used to treat many diseases that cause the joints in the shoulder area to become dysfunctional and cause severe pain in the shoulder. These problems may be due to joint and cartilage damage caused by old age, as well as accidents, etc. Shoulder prosthesis;

  • Bone calcification (Osteoarthritis)
  • Inflammation (Rheumatoid) arthritis
  • Fracture
  • Avascular necrosis caused by long-term alcohol use, etc.
  • The rotator can be used in the treatment of serious joint damage to the shoulder, especially cuff tear.

What Does Rehabilitation After Shoulder Replacement Do?

The process after shoulder replacement surgery; it is a process in which the patient will have problems moving his joints for a long time, which is an acclimatization period. For this reason, regular exercise is required to open the muscles, strengthen the bones and joints, and reactivate the tissues. In the rehabilitation process after shoulder prosthesis, the patient becomes aware of the new lifestyle and the shoulder area is strengthened. The main purpose of rehabilitation is; to ensure the efficient use of prostheses. Therefore, it is important that the rehabilitation process is planned by specialist doctors. This process should be seen as different from the exercises performed at home and should be considered part of the treatment.

How is Rehabilitation Done After Shoulder Prosthesis?

A few days after the shoulder replacement surgery, exercise is started to work for the muscles. This process is one of the most important parts of surgery. It is necessary both after surgery, because the muscles remain motionless for a long time, and for the prosthesis to fully function.

In the rehabilitation process after shoulder prosthesis;

The physical therapist performs special exercises to increase the movement capacity of the arm. Thus, it is ensured that the load on the arm is balanced and the prosthesis adapts to the tissues.

While the rehabilitation process continues, the person continues to do the basic exercises with the help of the other arm.

When the shoulder begins to heal, arm lift and move exercises are continued to increase the range of motion. It is ensured that the arm recovers at a level that can easily perform the activities of daily living.

The rehabilitation process after Ankara shoulder prosthesis is very decisive in the success of the surgery. Especially for our patients in advancing age, it is essential to re-strengthen the muscles. In order to eliminate the immobility in the operation process and to bring the shoulder opening to the ideal range, the patient should go to physical therapy sessions without interruption and should be made aware by the doctor in this process.

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